Women’s Perfume

  • Intense: an enticing blend of floral green notes with Rose and Jasmine; RASHEEQA is not a cologne for women, but rather a oil based parfum with very (intenso) noir aroma.
  • Blend: soft notes of Musk, Sandalwood and Cedarwood, leading into earthy base notes; a great fragrance for the woman especially for cold weather.
  • Performance: Long to very long lasting with great sillage rating, especially considering its high concentration perfume oil form.
  • Natural: alcohol free and organic, made from natural fragrance oils and extracts.
  • RASHEEQA is part of Swiss Arabian’s exotic range of perfumes and concentrated perfume oils with a speciality in oud based fragrances.

Prize: RASHEEQA Perfume Oil for Women 20mL, is Charming Oriental Garden Full of Flowers in Bloom; Rose, Fresh Greens, and Jasmine with a Musk, Sandalwood and Cedarwood Base by Oud Artisan Swiss Arabian

Ends: Dec 4, 2018 11:59 PM PST or when all prizes have been awarded.





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