Water Filter Pitcher


  • 💧 INSTANT ALKALINE WATER: This alkaline pitcher is designed to efficiently filter the tap water and convert it into pure alkaline water at a PH level up to 9. This water stream pitcher removes chloride, lead, fluoride, pollutants, and zinc to get a purified healthy alkaline drink. This alkaline jar is perfect for cooking healthy food, making coffee, tea and to water plants
  • 💙 HEALTH & WELLNESS IMPROVEMENT: This water filtration system provides alkaline water, increasing the PH level, to improve the circulatory, nervous, digestive and respiratory systems. Purified water helps improve your metabolism, lose weight and prevents diseases. Stay healthy, a glass of clear water works as a recovery drink while doing sports, crossfit or in the gym
  • ♻️ PREMIUM & SLIM DESIGN: With a space saving capacity of 6 cups or 1,5 liter this small plastic jar is designed for the family and fits in any refrigerator. Great for any table, event dinner, meeting, party or even a picnic. An ergonomic and eco-friendly design that fits your hand for a better grip to obtain an easy pour when serving water.
  • 🍀 FREE ALKALINE FILTER: It comes with an alkaline filter for BPA free plastic jars. This water filtration system has 4 stages to easily remove heavy metals (chloride, lead, arsenic) and retains beneficial minerals (calcium, magnesium) and lasts 42 gallons or approximately 160 liters the equivalent to 1 month if you fill it 3 times a day. An alkaline water filter that increases the PH level of the water up to 2 points. Look for product B06XB1NHV9
  • 🥇 GUARANTEE & COMMITMENT: Wamery is a certified company that provides alkaline water tested by independent laboratories WQA and 100% committed to its customers. This plastic water jug provides filtered water as natural energy. Wamery is an ecological company which has designed an alkaline water jug & NSF/ANSI certified cartridges to eliminate plastic bottles and upgrade lifestyle of your family


Prize: WATER FILTER PITCHER. Certified by WQA. BPA Free. Removes hard metals and taste better. Alkaline and Neutral replacements for a healthy

Ends: May 22, 2018 11:59 PM PDT or when all prizes have been awarded





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