String Lights


  • GORGEOUS DESIGN: As soon as you light up your new string lights, you are in for a visual treat. The warm, loving light given off is guaranteed to be perfect for any atmosphere.
  • SUPER EFFICIENT: We’ve engineered these lights to be cost & energy efficient as possible. That means using them for hours, or even days at a time won’t hurt your wallet. We’re a completely green company. Go ahead, leave them on overnight! The high quality copper wire easily bends to your specifications to bend around furniture or trees. It comes neatly packed in a tube so it’s super easy to unpack.
  • WATERPROOF: 100% waterproof adapter and copper wires means that your new light will work perfectly fine in the rain. The power adapter is very low profile so you can easily hide it away. The safety of your light is guaranteed by a UL certification and a waterproof rating of IP65.
  • QUALITY BULBS: Each of the 100 LEDs are hand made at a color temperature of warm white(2700-2900K) meaning they can illuminate dark corners or walls. They are super bright for their size. You can use them at your next party or you can use them to create a romantic vibe at your next wedding. The possibilities are endless.
  • SAFE AND CONVENIENT: The low profile power adapter is easily hidden and comes with a guaranteed UL certification which ensures your safety.


Prize: Gorgeous String Lights, Copper Wire Starry String Light, Soothing D├ęcoration, Elegant Rope Light Suitable for Christmas, Weddings, Parties

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