STEM Toy Set

  • HOLIDAY SPECIAL DEAL – Get Up to 15% Off – See the Special Offers and Promotions Section below. KEEP CREATING! With your Toyish educational STEM toy, you empower your child to be an active creator rather than a passive consumer. The Toyish Flamenco Dancer set includes accessories and parts that you can mix and match so the possibilities are endless. Through educative games and exciting projects, you help children use their hands to bring their ideas and imagination to life.
  • An ​AWARD-WINNING! The unique philosophy behind Toyish has earned it many prestigious awards from both American and international groups including Best in Play by Working Mothers award and the Red Dot design award. Toyish isn’t just about toys, it’s about ideas and stories waiting to happen.
  • BOOST YOUR CHILD’S CONFIDENCE! Toyish is a simple hands-on toy kit that invites kids to actively participate in its creation. It’s intuitive and fun. Toyish empowers Girls and Boys as young as ​3 & ​4 years old ​and as old as 8 ​to design and build their own toys and make a new creation each time​ and in accordance to their own individual stage and age​. With Toyish, there is no right or wrong ways to play, kids will boost their self-confidence and form a strong emotional bond with their toys​​.
  • BRING YOUR IMAGINATION TO LIFE! The name itself speaks volumes about what the Toyish philosophy is about. The product is like a toy, ​but with deep elements which makes ​it ​Hers/His Toy-ish. And it isn’t a toy until a child brings it to life. It is every bit of a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) toy that inspires ​Curiosity and ​Creativity​, Art and Building​. Kids will invent and explore while stretching their attention spans as long and as far as their imaginations can reach.​
  • PLAY TOGETHER! Your ​Toyish is for both independent and interactive play. It encourages children, both boys and girls to interact with others to share creativity and knowledge in fun activities. Whether at home, preschool or in kindergarten, watch your toddler color, learn, share ideas and play with others.​ ​There are endless story lines to develop so they can reinvent and reconfigure as they play.

Prize: Toyish AWARD-WINNING educational STEM toy for creative kids. Learning magnetic building toys for boys and girls. Ideal for 3 years old to 8 year olds. Flamenco Dancer Toy Kit.

Ends: January 13, 2018 11:59 PM PST or when all prizes have been awarded.





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