Muslin Towels

  • 1. Super water-absorbing cotton washcloths for babies, our baby cotton washcloths use 100% muslin cotton-premium quality and safety material, suited for baby delicate skin, and the 6 layer honeycomb embossing bubble gauze, six-layer thicked, will get softer wish every wash, enhanced water absorption and moisture retention. Not like the traditional towels, gauze would never drops fur, relly safe for baby’s delicate skin or adults’sensitive skin as makeup remover cloth.
  • 2. Muslin cotton bath towel for babies, 100% natural cotton baby towels, soft and comfortable, super absorbent, safe and environmental, natural antibacterial, no formaldehyde, no decolorizer,no heavy metal, no cancer-causing aromatic amines forbidden by government. All of our baby cotton washcloths never use any forbidden ingredient. Really safe for baby’s delicate skin or adults’ sensitive skin as makeup remover cloth.
  • 3. As a cotton bath towel, cotton yarn material is easy to clean, easy to dry,the more soft, it will loose some of its breathability, not dry as quickly and be too heavy for baby.
  • 4. Perfect size and colors, large enough to wrap baby, can be used to be bath towel, blanket, carpet, wrap blanket and so on.

Prize: Muslin cotton bath towel for baby shower gift, natural antibacterial super water absorbent,super soft and warm for baby blanket

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