Mandalas Coloring Book

Is Coloring Your Way to Promote Relaxation?

These Mandalas have my own personal flavor you’ve never seen before. Each page is a little work of art. With over 100 Unique and Intricate Mandala Patterns immerse yourself into this Mandala Adult Coloring Book Vol 2. Coloring these Mandalas will leave you relaxed and happy. Get lost in over 100beautiful and intricate patterns. These are new and custom designs created to relieve stress. You’ll love that these coloring pages will take you back to your inner peace and tranquility, while moving from shape to shape.

The mandala designs are printed single sided on 60# white paper. The coloring book size is 8.5″ x 11″. I originally designed this for digital download solely, so I’m happy to extend it into paperback.

This coloring book is designed for children and adults of any skill level. It makes the perfect gift for anyone.

Visit for the printable PDF you can download. Let me know your thoughts on this book, so I can make the next coloring books that much better. What pages were your favorite Mandalas? This coloring book was a lot of fun designing and inking all of the line work. As an independent artist, reviews and worth of mouth is the highest quality of advertisement one can have. Thank you for supporting an Independent artist, my girlfriend, and my furry and feathery friends.

Prize: Mandala Coloring Book: 100 Mandalas: Custom Designs (100 Mandalas Coloring Book) (Volume 2)

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