The Last Pantheon: Of Spiders & Falcons

James Andellis, a Knight of Southwind, lost everything on the fields of Arouland at the hands of the ogre horde. Of Spiders and Falcons is his tale, told by his only living relation, a man he has never met. Hatred, self-loathing, and wine help James endure each day – and a vision. He seeks a glorious end to his tragic life, but he is not as alone as he believes. Destiny touches him as the oldest divinities, beings that have faded from all but the eldest tomes, cross his path. Joined by a noble elven warrior in search of her lost lover, a minotaur seeking freedom, a dwarf in search of lost treasure to save his family name, and a young witch seeking to prove herself, the knight is caught up in a much bigger adventure than he could possibly realize. The storyteller illuminates the tales of James’ struggles to survive as he wanders into the frigid loneliness of Chazzryn, and the realms beyond. An epic fantasy series two decades in the making, The Last Pantheon introduces readers to a new world with a depth of tales and myths to explore. The novel Of Spiders and Falcons is the first book in this series and will be followed by the next installment, Of Dragons and Crowns.

Prize: The Last Pantheon: Of Spiders and Falcons

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