Camel Glass Teapot w/ Ceramic Infuser Strainer

  • Crafted by blown-made heat resistant glass, high white porcelain filter in green, and high white porcelain green lid inspired by lotus leaf. Infuse your tea leaves with our highest grade infuser, easy to remove. It is crafted from high-quality eggshell china. Perfect for herbal tea, teabags, fresh fruit flower tea and loose leaf tea, great decor or gift for tea lovers or friends.
  • The glass tea pot is a pleasant way to enhance the enjoyment of brewed tea, allows the tea drinker the simple pleasures of watching dried tea leaves dancing as they release their flavor into the water, or the fascination of watching blooming tea balls unfurl their beautiful display of color
  • The strainer and lid are natural cyan color comes from the exquisite celadon fired under a temperature as high as 1300 ℃, so it will never fade or change. When the teapot is filled with tea, the tea color forms a nice contrast with the cyan. The teapot’s ergonomically-designed lid ensures comfortable use. The capacity is large enough for 4 to 6 cups of tea or coffee, you can enjoy it with your friends, families and colleagues when gathering, relaxing, and conversing at free time.
  • Easy to Clean: Glass can be a bit delicate to care for. No, you probably put it in the dishwasher or ceramic sink with all of your other dishes but please be particularly careful of spouts and handles. Aside from that, though, they are fairly easy to clean. It is very easy to see any stains or discoloration, the sooner you notice it and clean it off, the better shape your teapot will remain in. For mild dirt, wash with tealeaves. For more stubborn stains, wash by lemon juice mixed vinegar.

Prize: ZENS Camel Glass Teapot Flowering Fruit Tea Pot with Green Cyan Ceramic Infuser Strainer Lid for 4 to 6 Cups Loose Blooming Flower Green Tea 49oz/1.4L

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